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What steps should I take to maintain carpet in a high-traffic area on a daily basis, and to deal with spills and stains?


Carpeting in a high-traffic area can be impossible to keep clean. People are constantly walking through, and the dirt from their shoes is ground into the fibers with every step. Before you decide to replace the carpeting every few years, consider a more effective prevention and maintenance plan that includes strategically placed entry mats, a set treatment plan for stains, and regular professional cleaning.

Get the Mats
Put entry mats directly inside and outside every door, and encourage people to wipe their feet on both when coming inside. This will help remove most of the dirt and keep your fine rugs a little cleaner. Another option for the home is to make your property shoe-free. Simply ask people to take their shoes off when they come inside.

Have Cleaners Handy
Keep the vacuum in a handy spot, and have a few stain treatments on hand for emergencies. If something does spill, remember to blot at the liquid rather than rubbing. Treat it with a little diluted vinegar or laundry detergent, but have the professionals come in as soon as possible to effectively remove all residue and leave the carpeting looking like new.

Daily Vacuuming
Ideally, those high-traffic areas should be vacuumed daily to pull up the dirt and allergens before they become too attached to the fibers. The vacuum has more suction when pulling it backwards across the carpet, and you’ll pull up more dirt by working in a slow and methodical manner. If you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with regular vacuuming, then you can schedule recurring cleaning appointments with a professional company.

Even with daily vacuuming, you’ll still have some dirt and grime that stays down in the fibers. What you really need is a professional cleaning to thoroughly remove the stains and keep the carpeting in great condition. Some soaps leave a residue behind that can actually attract dirt, so look for a company that uses specially formulated cleansers so that you can avoid this problem. In addition to leaving the carpet more attractive, getting the dirt out also prolongs the life of the fibers so that you can save money on replacements.

If you’re tired of struggling to keep a carpet clean, then let a professional team take care of everything for you. With the right tools and supplies, a carpet cleaning company can take care of those high-traffic areas and ensure that your entire carpet looks amazing.

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