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6 Surprising Health Hazards Lurking in Your Carpet


Although many people may regularly vacuum the carpets in their home and think that they are taking good care of it, the reality is that there are often things that we would like to avoid, which can be lurking in our carpeting. Here are six health hazards that could potentially be in your home, which you may not realize are there in the first place.

Mold and Mildew
Most individuals do not even consider the possibility of having mold and mildew in their carpeting, when in reality it is all too easy to develop. If you have made some major spills on the carpet or there has been any sort of leak that has seeped into the carpeting, you may have cleaned it up on the outside, but the moisture can cause problems under the carpeting. If mold and mildew develop, it can cause a massive amount of health concerns for those living in the home.

Pet Hair and Dandruff
Tons of people are allergic to pet dander and although it may seem like you have gotten rid of the hair that is lurking in the carpet, there is a very high chance that you have missed it, causing potential problems to anyone that enters the home that is allergic to pets.

Shockingly, a ton of vacuum cleaners actually shoot out bits of bacteria as they roll over and clean carpeting, as various studies have determined. This means that although you may be removing dusty, hair and other materials you can see, you are likely spreading bacteria that you can’t see at the same time.

Chemicals from Carpet Cleaners
If you have gone out and purchased chemicals to clean your carpets yourself, you may have purchased products that utilize harmful chemicals, which can be a major health hazard. This surprises a lot of people when they find this out, due to the fact that they were purchasing materials meant to clean, but often time’s various companies use harmful chemicals, which is why it is always beneficial to hire a carpet cleaning company.

Old Carpeting
If your home has carpeting that is very old, it may have been built with materials that are inherently toxic, which likely would not have been reported at the time the carpeting was manufactured.

Chemicals in the Home
Carpeting is sort of like a magnet, in that it holds on to all sorts of various things in the air. This means if you are spraying any sort of chemical in your home, it may latch onto your carpeting, causing health hazards to inhabitants of the home.

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