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5 Common Carpet Complaints and How to Dodge Them


Keeping a well maintained carpet takes some discipline, but a lot of problems can be avoided by simply choosing a company that has a great reputation in the community, as this will hand down give you the best chance to avoid problems from developing later down the line. However, here are some of the biggest complaints that people end up having about their carpeting, and some ways that you can hopefully avoid these situations.

Wrinkled or Creased Carpeting
When carpeting is laid out wrong, there is a good chance that somewhere in the future you are going to develop creases or wrinkles in the carpeting. This can be a massive hassle and in all honesty, there may be nothing you can do to get rid of it. Installing the carpet correctly the first time is the best way to avoid this and the only way you can count on this is to hire a highly rated company.

Pet Hair and Dander
Even if you do not have pet hair, a massive amount of debris, dirt and other substances are going to get caught in your carpet and they can easily cause those with allergies a big problem. Even though you may think you are getting the debris up with a vacuum, you may want to consider getting your carpets professionally cleaned every now and then.

Bad Smells
If your carpet smells bad, you could be in for a very bad situation if you have developed mold and mildew. It is important to avoid letting water moisture get into the carpeting of your home, as if there is enough moisture you can develop mildew and mold, which can cause a bunch of health problems to everyone that is living in the home.

Shedding Carpet
The best way to avoid shedding carpet is to simply avoid purchasing carpeting that tends to shed, but if you already have the carpeting installed, you should vacuum the carpeting at least once a week to avoid the particles to build up.

Carpet Staining
It is just about inevitable to avoid getting your carpets stained, as everyone is bound to spill something at one point or another, regardless as to how careful you may be. If you have stains in your carpeting, the easiest way to take care of the problem is to contact a carpet cleaning company and hire them to professionally remove the stains and clean your carpets.

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