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Effective Carpet Cleaning Solutions


Every home should have clean carpets, not only for aesthetic purposes but to ensure carpets maintain their quality and longevity. After all, clean, bacteria-free carpets are essential elements for a healthy household. Unfortunately, many households do not clean their carpets on a regular basis. This can cause dirt and grime to settle within the base of the carpet. In turn, the dirt will then sit and fester causing allergens and sometimes sickness. This can be worse for a household with pets, as pet hair and dander can accumulate within the carpet increasing airborne allergens. For this reason alone, it’s best to not only establish a carpet cleaning schedule but stick to it.  Select the right carpet cleaner in your area, Carpet Cleaner Raleigh NC.

There are many things to consider when determining a carpet cleaning solution and schedule most efficient for your household. First, standard maintenance such as vacuuming is an important key to carpet cleaning. Those who avoid regular carpet care run the risk of their home containing increased allergens, dust mites and other mold spores that may be present. Carpet will naturally trap these particles which will increase airborne allergens. Those of us who take the time to vacuum regularly may be able to have a carpet cleaning schedule much less invasive than someone who doesn’t perform regular maintenance.

It’s also important for homeowners to consider the amount of carpet within the household that requires cleaning. This is especially important for pet owners. Large rooms with carpet have a tendency to attract pet hair and dirt these animals may have tracked in from the outside. Not to mention, it’s also important for throw and area rugs to be cleaned as well. These smaller rugs can track and hold just as much dirt and oil as larger carpets and are equally as vital for allergen health.

At the minimum, it’s recommended that carpets should have a thorough and professional cleaning every 12 months. Depending upon the state of the carpets, this could be more. Many people do this in the spring season as a spring cleaning ritual, however it is effective any time of the year. However for those living in cooler climates during the winter months it’s been recommended by professions that cleaning carpets at the end of the fall season is most beneficial. Since during the winter months our homes are most often closed up for a long period of time, reducing the dirt and allergens in the carpet before the cold months is most helpful.

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How Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air?


According to the EPA, indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. Given that most people spend around 90 percent of their time indoors, that’s a problem. Indoor air pollution can harm people’s health. It has been known to cause such unpleasant effects as headaches, irritation of the throat, nose and eyes, dizziness and fatigue. Fortunately, such effects are typically treatable and don’t last long. In most cases, getting rid of the pollutant relives the sufferer.

Carpets, unfortunately, contribute to indoor air pollution. New carpets are often made with chemicals that can harm people’s health when released into the air. Older carpets can trap things like dander, dust, bacteria, dirt, mildew and mold. Sometimes these things get ground down deep into the carpet, which makes getting them out difficult. Household chemicals like pesticides and cleaning products, including carpet cleaners, also get into the carpet and thus add to the pollution.

Vacuuming the carpet, while a good idea, won’t get everything. Ordinary vacuum cleaners tend to miss bacteria and anything buried deep in the carpet. A professional cleaning service has special shampoos that kill the bacteria and extremely powerful vacuums that remove everything in its path, no matter deeply ground it is.

Professional cleaning services can also rid the home of dust mites. These arachnids are microscopic, and therefore most people aren’t aware of their presence. The mites themselves are harmless, but their feces and body parts can cause allergies in people. Also, since the items in question are microscopic, they can easily be inhaled by people, and that can cause an allergic reaction. A professional carpet cleaning service  will use a steam/hot water process to clean carpets, furniture, rugs and mattresses and kill the dust mites by exposing them to extreme heat they can’t survive.

Professional carpet cleaners can also get rid of mold and mildew. Dirty carpets run the risk of developing mold especially if exposed to a lot of moisture. People do track in water, mud and other sources of moisture. If that happens a lot, the water or mud can sink deep into the carpet if it isn’t dried and cleaned properly. Professional cleaners can prevent mildew and mold growth because they use powerful equipment that does not leave the carpet wet.

Professional carpet cleaning works. One company hired an independent air quality laboratory to test their products and services. The laboratory found that the cleaning service rid homes of 98.1 percent of allergens on average.  Check Out This Site for more Info:  Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA

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Health Benefits of Getting Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Getting your carpets cleaned professionally has so many different benefits. Did you know that getting your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company can actually improve your overall health? It can also prevent you from becoming ill and having allergic reactions if you already have allergies. Having them cleaned can also prevent asthma attacks. Here is some information on the health benefits of getting your carpets professionally cleaned.

One benefit of getting your carpets cleaned professionally is it stops your carpet from constantly trapping pollutants. These pollutants can be anything from allergens from bugs (such as cockroaches), dirt, dust, air pollutants, and even dander from pets. When you vacuum your carpet or even walk on it you can cause these pollutants to contaminate the air in your home. However, if you hire a professional you can get rid of these trapped pollutants because they have shampoos and very powerful vacuums that kill and remove them.

Another health benefit of getting your carpets cleaned professionally is it can prevent mold from growing in your home. If your carpets are constantly dirty and getting things spilled on them then mold can start to build. This is because mold loves places with a lot of moisture. This can also occur when the weather is bad, such as when it is snowing, and that moisture gets inside your home. Mold can cause all types of illnesses and is terrible for your health. However, getting your carpets cleaned by a professional prevents this mold from occurring because professional carpet cleaners have drying tools that will keep your carpets from retaining moisture.

Lastly, getting your carpets cleaned can get rid of dust mites. These creatures are so small that many people do not realize they even have them because they cannot see them. Dust mite feces are horrible for anyone that has allergies and can actually cause someone to have an allergic reaction. This is because dust mite feces are super easy to inhale especially if an area where this is located is disturbed. Sacramento CA Professional Carpet Cleaners can come in and steam clean the areas. This exposes the areas to high temperatures and kills the dust mites.

There are so many health benefits from getting your carpets cleaned. Not only will your carpets look magnificent but your overall well-being will be improved. By making the call to a professional carpet cleaning you are protecting your family’s health.

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Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners to Remove Pet Urine and Odors


“You want your family to breathe in clean air; indeed, you want a happy home. A growing family and rambunctious pets can offer a challenge with your floors. Replacing pet-soiled carpets is a costly adventure; however, a good professional carpet cleaning service can promptly restore and sanitize your floors. Here are some reasons to call in the experts. ” says Juan.

Accumulating Pet Stains and Urine Odors Can Grow Into Respiratory Concerns

Once your cat urinates in a selected spot on your carpet, this act marks it as a toilet. Cats have a refined sense of smell, and they will return to the scene of the crime. Fresh urine has no odor to humans; however, as the waste deposit dries the liquid evaporates and the urea matter changes into crystals. Bacteria begins to grow; consequently, along with odor. Eventually, your friends will notice a developing essence of feline.

Your family members may begin to suffer from allergies or even asthma. According to the American Lung Association, dust accumulations in carpets can cause airborne pollutants to contaminate your living space. Your carpet needs a professional cleaning to remove these pollutants:

Dust Mite Infestations – Microscopic in size, these creatures befoul your carpet with their feces, and they leave behind body fragments. Over time, these particles become inhaled each time foot traffic disturbs the fibers.

Pet Dander – Your beloved, Fluffy, drops stray hair each day. Even with your pet’s meticulous daily grooming, loose hair and dander will accumulate deep in your carpet.

Cockroach Castings – Yes, even your clean home may have some of these secretive insects soiling the Persian carpets, and you will be inhaling their cast-offs.

Mold and Mildew – Living in a humid location makes your castle susceptible to mold growth that can survive and grow deep in the fibers. Allowed to continue, it becomes a health issue.

Miracles Performed by Professional Carpet Cleaners

Renting a shampooer at the home garden center has the potential to perform a shallow cleaning on a lightly soiled rug. If your carpet is odoriferous and dirty, a professional technician can save the day with one of these methods:

  • wet shampoo
  • dry chemical powder
  • dry foam

Call in the specialists today and have your home promptly restored to a fragrant and sanitary abode. Your whole family will thank you.


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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning companies will pledge to clean your carpets and upholstery with the same expertise and attention to detail as we do our own. Couches, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, loungers, tabletops, and leather-covered surfaces of all kinds are vulnerable to soiling, spills, scuffs and stains. Because of its porous nature, the wrong products can cause lasting damage to your leather upholstery. We understand leather and have developed the best and safest cleaning methods for its care.

Leather, one of the finest and most durable furnishing materials, looks its best after our professional cleaning service restores it to a clean and conditioned state. This material is often dyed, and dye quality varies greatly. Harsh chemicals and spot-cleaning can cause irreversible color damage. Don’t trust your furniture investment to unknown products, untrained workers or second-rate cleaning services.

Our well-trained, professional technicians take pride in their work and use top-quality equipment and products to give you visible results. We remove odors and deep clean leather to restore its original suppleness and sheen.
They offer service you can trust. Whether your leather furnishings are fairly new or older pieces, we treat them with care to bring out their best appearance. Even scuffs and surface scratches fade.

Take the worry out of leather care. Experience cleaning designed specifically for leather and performed by experts. Contact us to experience the best in leather care for all of your home or business furnishings.

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